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The Real To Do List

1. Sing
2. Smile At Strangers
3. Keep Learning
4. Notice Kindness
5. Eat Ice Cream
6. Hope
7. Count Your Blessings
8. Laugh
9. Love
10. Love Some More

Personality Quiz 100% true

Your Birthday Predicts You're Outgoingwww.blogthings.comEver since you were born, you've always been able to have fun. You find humor and joy easily. When things are rough, you are still optimistic. Your friends always inspire and delight you. You're always looking to add to your social circle. ...

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which disney character are you? quiz and the result is mickey!you are talented, friendly and have a high voice! (haha) you did very well on this test and scored 100% !! congradultions! send me a message on how this could improve. taa xx

"Who Were You In A Past Life?" with the result Marylin Monroe.In your past life you were Marylin Monroe. In this life you continue to be radiant, happy, whimsical, and daring..

Your One Hot Mama!

We had 3 gorgeous days and have been playing outside until 7 PM. On Saturday my friend brought her granddaughter to play with my little Angel. Jayra brought my little Angel a gift bag with little doll mermaids. Then they hug and went to play dress up, Barbies, Karaoke and then we went outside to the backyard were they play until 7p.m. we ate dinner at my home. Then her grandmother and I sat and talk. We had a great time.
Pretty, Young an Sexy!On Sunday my husband, little Angel and I went to the mall. My little Angel was wearing a spring dress and dressy black shoes. She receive so many complements from passerby. She look precious! I went to buy a bathing suit. I went to JCPenney. I took the same swimsuit in 2 different sizes to try on. I took my little honest fashionista with me into the dressing room. My DH sat down on a chair and waited patiently outside. You know for us women how hard it is to find a swimsuit. I put it on and was standing in front of the full lenght mirror with a smile on my face. I was thinking I LOOK PRETTY, YOUNG and SEXY! I love how it looks on me. Then I hear my 5 year young daughter said " YOUR ONE HOT MAMA"! I hug and kiss her. I told her you made my day:) She said "show Daddy"! My husband told me to pick the smaller size and that it look beautiful. My little Angel is a child who Loves, Loves to tell me on a daily basis how much she loves me, "You are the Best mom in the whole wide world", You are the Best Cook in the world' "You are my Sunshine",cupcake follow with hugs and kisses. Every time I hear those words they fill me with so much happiness. I also give her lots of hugs and kisses. I Tell her how much I love her, she is a Beauty, Precious, Bella, Smart and how Proud I am that she is my daughter. She has never said "YOUR ONE HOT MAMA"! I felt like I was floating on a cloud, and to tell you the truth I do not want to come down!
DH took me to Victoria Secret to buy me Beauty Rush juice berry body spray. I love it and recommend it!We went to Built a Bear to buy her Teddy clothes and she help the lady by giving her cotton to put in the machine. The cashier at JCPenney said how beautiful my little Angel is and wanted her to stay with her:) My little Angel told her I can stop with my mommy and Daddy to see you another day but today I am going home with them.
After we got home I ask her where she had heard "YOUR ONE HOT MAMA" She said she made it up.

Thanks for reading.

December 21 Our wedding Date

Our Wedding December21Sagittarius Weddings (November 22 - December 21) There probably isn't any more joyful wedding than the one that takes place while the Sun is in Sagittarius! The pure happiness that emanates from the happy couple will create contagious laughter among the wedding party and guests. A marriage formed under Sagittarius will produce a family that's always ready for adventure -- from trekking through the Himalayas to camping out in the backyard with the kids.

Wedding Date Astrology

Wedding Date AstrologyWhat to expect from the 'birth date' of your marriageBy Judi VitaleProvided by
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Get My Weekly Love Horoscope There will always be so much to prepare before a wedding, but probably the biggest decision you're going to make will be choosing the date. Acquiring the right facilities, clerics or judges, working around other people's schedules, hitting the right timing for your honeymoon and dealing with at least 100 other factors figure in to the reasons why one date stands out as "yours." Whether you've already selected one, you've already been down the aisle or you're still thinking about it, astrology can help. Looking at which zodiac sign the Sun is in at the time of your wedding offers clues to what the big day -- and the marriage -- will be like. Use this astro-insight to set yourself on the right path toward "happily ever after!"
Aries Weddings (March 21 - April 19)The fiery energy of Aries is the force that pushes life out of the dormancy of winter. It's an excellent time to get married, because love thrives in the fresh atmosphere of springtime. Making a pledge to be with one other person for the rest of your life is a big, bold step, and Aries supports the kind of courage that it takes to do this. Once this marriage gets off the ground, though, it's important to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. Anniversary getaways to spots that show spring blooming in all its glory will keep the sexy side of this union sizzling.
Taurus Weddings (April 20 - May 20)For those who look at marriage as the next logical step in their relationship, the slow, steady and protective energy of Taurus makes it the perfect time of year to tie the knot. It is quite compatible with the concept of allowing no one to "set asunder" the bonds that are created during the ceremony, yet it also allows for a festive, indulgent spirit to prevail at the reception. As they go through life together, couples married under Taurus will be secure and happy. However, they'll always have to be wary of getting stuck in a rut. Sensuality will thrive when they take short, impromptu trips together and introduce an element of variety into their sex life.
Gemini Weddings (May 21 - June 20)The busy-busy buzz that occurs during the Sun's visit to Gemini is totally perfect for weddings. The wedding preparations will probably come together all at once, but people can often be of two minds about their choices regarding wedding colors, flowers, food and transportation logistics. The Gemini marriage will be characterized by strong communication between the partners on both the verbal and physical levels.
Cancer Weddings (June 21 - July 22)The spirit of the beginning of summer comes from the enjoyment of earth's bounty, so Cancer weddings are always about the food, desserts and the love of the couple, their families and friends. As two become one, the spirit of this domestically-oriented sign will emphasize the meaning of joining hands and hearts to create a new entity. Cancer couples often find themselves concerned more about their home, the children they may have and the way they interact with relatives than many of their peers. The trick to preserving passion is to demand time that's dedicated to just the two of them.
Leo Weddings (July 23 - August 22)Leo's warm, flashy energy is perfect for drawing attention to the pomp and ceremony of weddings. People will go out of their way to honor the bride and groom, and the wedding may include elements of flourish that seem to treat them as royalty. There is sure to be a lot of down-to-earth fun, too. The Leo marriage will be a point of pride for both partners, and each will want the other to live up to high expectations -- both in and outside the bedroom.
Virgo Weddings (August 23 - September 22)For those who want to celebrate the bounty of their love while the weather is still ultra-pleasant, the Sun's visit to earthy Virgo is a great time for weddings. The energy of this time is about re-organizing after the laid back months of the hot summer. Pushing toward the practical will give the Virgo wedding a strong focus and allow for the smooth execution of plans. A Virgo marriage will be characterized by the sense of duty that supports the love and passion between two people. When it comes to lifelong commitments, taking responsibility for one another is simply the right thing to do.
Libra Weddings (September 23 - October 22)The romantic spirit of Libra is like no other. The whisper of chillier winds is instantly warmed by the bright colors and happy moods of people reaping the bounty of the harvest. Couples searching for richly hued backdrops and quiet, peaceful moods will enjoy getting married during this time. The Libra marriage will probably be marked by many discussions and controversies between life mates; but arguments can always be settled with true compromise.
Scorpio Weddings (October 23 - November 21)The deep emotional atmosphere created by the Sun in Scorpio brings out passion in the whole wedding party. From sexy bridal fashion to sumptuous food, the idea of "excellence" is certain to come across in the ceremony and reception. The deeper, more transformative side of the bride and groom's relationship will be on display, and wedding guests will be interested in hearing the story of their love. In life, the couple married under Scorpio will like having a lot of private time so they can explore the joys of their sexual and spiritual connection.
Sagittarius Weddings (November 22 - December 21)There probably isn't any more joyful wedding than the one that takes place while the Sun is in Sagittarius! The pure happiness that emanates from the happy couple will create contagious laughter among the wedding party and guests. A marriage formed under Sagittarius will produce a family that's always ready for adventure -- from trekking through the Himalayas to camping out in the backyard with the kids.
Capricorn Weddings (December 22 - January 19)Getting married at the beginning of winter can be a lot of fun, whether the couple decides on destination nuptials in a tropical locale or a traditional wedding that coincides with seasonal family gatherings. Dignity is the key here, as that is the chief attribute of Capricorn. This doesn't mean there won't be a lot of laughs, though. The Capricorn marriage will take on some of the characteristics of a business relationship; the love life will be private, but far more passionate than outsiders might imagine.
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Pisces Weddings (February 19 - March 20)The dreamy spirit the Sun in Pisces exudes can be perfect for the most romantic of dreamers. The hope of the approaching spring can feel as refreshing as Sleeping Beauty's magic kiss. The bride and groom will want to bring out the soft side of their love as they create a magical wedding for themselves and their loved ones. The couple married under Pisces may be dreamers, but everyone will admire their ability to go with the flow as they weather the seas of life.

Judi Vitale is an astrologer and writer who has had her eye on the sky most of her life. She received her certification as a consulting astrologer from the National Council for Geocosmic Research in 1995, and practices with a variety of clients, helping them to focus on their life purposes.

Daddy I want to teach you how to dance Ballet


A sweet Father Daughter Moment My husband was watching Monday Night Raw (wrestling) is a big deal to him:) My little Angel(5years old) said "Daddy I want you to practice Ballet with me". My husband looks at me, and said "I can tell you want to laugh". She was going to teach him in my room, but notice that he was peeking at the TV. She said "Come to my room so I can teach you, and you can focus". I let them go together to share a father- daughter moment. I could hear her said "Lets do Arabesque and other ballet moves. She said "It is a little tricky, but you can do it" They return to my room, and she said with a smile"Daddy Give Me a High Five! You Did a Great Job". He made my little Angel feel so Happy.He made me Love Him Even More:)

My little Angel Favorite Toy

My little Angel favorite toy was "The Singing Machine"Pedestal CDG Karaoke System with 7" Monitor, Video Camera & iPod Dock with tower Speakers and Microphones.DH bought it for her in NYC. As I type she is singing with Lady Gaga and Beyonce:) We all have taken turn singing on it a great family gift too.Another gift that she is enjoying her digital camera. She has taken photos of everyone in the family. Cinderella,Sleepy Beauty.

Happy New Year 2010

We spend it at home watching the ball drop in NYC. I also change it to Wapa America to celebrate at 11p.m the New Year in Puerto Rico. Lots of traditional Christmas music. The phone did not stop ringing family members calling us to wish us Happy New Year! I always kiss my little Angel and my husband. we pray that this new year bring us lots of health and happiness.

Christmas 2009

We love Christmas in our family! my little Angel woke up at 8a.m. I go down stair with my video camera to tape her as she comes down the step, and see all the gift for the first time under the tree. It is magical seen her eyes wide open and her mouth saying WOW. She rush to the tree and is still in shock of all the toys that are wrap neatly under our tree.The big gift this year was my sister visiting from PR. We have not seen her in 2 years. Our little Angel saw her when we went to PR to celebrate her 3rd birthday.We spend lots of time with the entire family together. Toy that the entire family can enjoy : The Singing Machine Pedestal CDG Karaoke System with 7" Monitor, Video Camera & iPod Dock with tower Speakers and Microphones. Beyonce Cd's, karaoke CD. 2 new CD'S: Snow White blue Ray CD and Santa's Buddie blue Ray. Lots of Barbies and the Barbie with horse.The family gift was a brand new 42 inch flat TV. I got the Michael Jackson book A Tribute to The King of Pop 1958-2009. platinum edition Collector's Vault. Perfume,make-ups,clothes, and pajamas. We also bought our 7.5 tall tree at BJS. It look awesome with all the new ornaments and shining star. we made yummy Pernil(pork) arroz con gandules, pasteles, guineos escabeche,carrot cake. New this year was the chocolate egg nog my sister brought me from Puerto Rico. I love it so much that I am asking for a second bottle LOL. We spend Christmas at home playing with all the toys and enjoying our time with the people we love the most our family.

Christmas Eve

We went to a Christmas Eve party. We had yummy food Turkey,mashed potatoes,salad,cakes and drinks. It was at the holiday hotel. A. had a great time with her new friend. She receive a book,Black Yorkie dog and a surprise(baby doll with bobo and raddle) gift from Mrs Claus and Santa. Titi enjoy herself too. We had a great time with all the friends and family.

Happy 13 Anniversary

On December 21 Jose and I celebrate 13 years of marriage. Our daughter was trilled and wish us both Happy Anniversary. My sister came on our anniversary from Puerto Rico. After 2 years of not seen her we were so happy to have her spend Christmas with us. The best Anniversary and Christmas we receive this year.We share sweet moments with our brothers and sisters. Lots of yummy food and dancing. Our daughter even play her uncles, congas,bongos and guiro. Family is the best gift God has giving us! We are a Bless Family and for that God we give you Thanks!

Early Christmas Gift

This year we have been blessed with a brand new house. It has taken a whole year for the construction process to be completed, but we have enjoyed looking at each of the steps. Every time we stop by Angelic said that is our home.
Moving day was December 23, and the weather was beautiful, and no snow in site. DH was on vacation and everything moved smoothly. On Christmas eve we spend the first night in our new home, and on the 25 we celebrated Christmas with the people that I love the most. Angelic was coming down the steps as I video tape her. Her expression was priceless as she saw the gift Santa has brought her all wrapped under the Christmas tree. I love to keep it magical by having Santa put the gift under the tree after she has gone to sleep. She only see her gift all wrapped up on Christmas Day when she makes her grand entrance to the living room on Christmas morning. She love her Barbie car what she wanted. She got two Barbie car to take her 6 Barbies for a ride. Barbie clothes.A Dora Doll. Cariboo a game she loves to play with us. She also got a microphone and a Pink princess acoustic guitar.Also clothes and shoes.
She is so happy with her first move and new home that everyone who ask what she got for Christmas that is the first thing she tell them. "I Move to a New House"
DH and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary on December 21,2008 and this was our anniversary/Christmas family present this year. Thank you God for everything you give us each day health, family, friends and all our blessings.