Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Happy Thanksgiving" Community Lunch

Friday 11/18/2016 Everyone had a great time at the "Thanksgiving Community Lunch" we hosted. Food was cater by "Casa Latina" everyone love it. Everyone enjoyed themselves a lots of talking and socializing. There was a raffle for 3 gifts and the tickets were given out while we waited for the "Red Beans" to be deliver so it could be served with the white rice. The restaurant personnel forgot. After we received it the guest were there so I did not get up to take a photo but the people enjoy the "Arroz Con Abichuela". Every time I hear I want "Arroz con Abichuela" I smile because I think of Marc Anthony and Gente de Zona singing "Arroz Con Abichuela Puerto Rico Te Lo Regalo!".I had Arroz con Gandules, Pernil, Turkey, Mixed Salad. Dessert Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream that I bought at Sam's Club. My husband had Arroz con Abichuela, Pollo Guisado, Pernil, Mixed Salad.Dessert Pumpkin Pie with whipped Cream.There were 3 other dessert that people made Cake, Brownie and a Rice Pudding. The Pumpkin Pie was the 1st one to go. One of the lady sitting at our table told the coordinator "I am going to win one of the prizes!".Sure enough she won the last gift. Happy for her :) We had 3 speaker after the lunch. 2 women spoke about the free services in our community. The man spoke about "United Health Care". The music was nice too.Club, Merengue, Salsa Dura or Old School Salsa the faster the better to dance :) We stay to help clean up with the coordinator & some of the member of the committee. Some ran LOL.There is a private company that come Friday night to clean. Awesome Time with our community.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Halloween Monday October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016 Recap: We had a lot of fun at our private Halloween community party we help put together and at our home Halloween party a family tradition. This year it was "Super Cool" because we were watching a "Live" broadcasting of the Empire State Building in New York City. I receive a notification from NYC that they were "Live". It had changing color lights at night and people went on over the world to send message of Halloween greetings and lovely messages to one another. One message I gave a like to was a lady who wrote "This is wonderful this brought us together tonight!". I send our love and Halloween greetings to everyone. I send a shot out to Prospect Park Brooklyn. Our little princess was reading my messages and said "Mami send a shot out to Puerto Rico!" I send one too:). Then my husband gave her his phone and she send her own Halloween greeting to the world and Halloween emoji's. I was so happy to see two people sending their greetings from "Brazil". I gave them both a like:). Brazil a place that I want to visit one day. They know how to party and look like happy people. The type of people I want in my circle:). I also send hearts up to the sky of my little princess photo of her and Donald Duck from our 1st Family visit to Walt Disney World in Christmas 2015. This made my favorite month October more Amazing! God Bless you all and your beautiful families. Home decorations photos and our daughter Halloween gifts from us.Fun Family Time!