Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Let It Snow, Let It Snow! January 24 2015

The snow we received on January 24, 2015. The weather men was saying 2 to 4 inches of snow instead we receive 8 inches. We made a snowman and use the snowman kit my little princess got at Christmas. She also went sleading with her dad while I video tape them laughing coming down the hill. She also made a snow angel and the had a friendly snow fight with her dad. We got out early in the morning then we came inside to drink hot cocoa with marshmallows and relax while the snow continue to fall. The first photo is at 4am the second photo is at 7am.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy Our First Disney Show

On Saturday January 10 2015. My husband and I took our little princess to her 1st Disney show. This was our Christmas present to her. We at down and She told me an my husband " I love you both and thank you for bringing me to the Disney show". I was so trilled to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy when the show started. I was video taping some of the show to remember the wonderful tie we were having as a family. Then cars enter the stage. Lighting MC Queen was also on stage. Love listening to the Rascal Flatt "Life is a Highway I am going to ride it all night long!". Then came The Little Mermaid She sang " Under the Sea" and "Kiss a Girl". Then came Tinker Bell love her and all the beautiful fairies. The song "Fly to Your Heart". Toys Story3 came next and then the final part everyone was on stage to wrap it up. We had a Super awesome time!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Peeps Fest New Year Celebration December 31 2014

My family had a great time at the New Year Peeps celebration December 31 2014. Free Live music and free Peeps for the children. My family an I watch a free movie "Sesame celebrates New years around the world". My husband, little Princess and I enjoyed watching how families celebrate New Years in other parts of the world. We also watch how Peeps are made at the factory in Bethlehem PA Just Born. We voted for the Peeps Diorama competition. My little Princess and my husband vote for a school house. I voted for a bakery shop. Make the best win! I vote a Smores kit and my daughter , husband and I roasted in the big metal container full of charcoal that were outside the Steel stacks. I video tape my husband and daughter roasting the Peeps marshmallow. At 5:30p.m they drop the Peeps to welcome the New Year 2015. We have been coming to the Peeps New Year celebration since the 1st year 6 years ago. Fun time for the family and it is wonderful that they get to experience the drop of the Peeps early instead of been outside until 12 a.m. We came home watch videos of our early years where my little Princess is doing all her milestones and we are enjoying different activities and vacations. I a so happy to have all this wonderful moments of my family. My daughter ask me when I get older can I have all the movies?". My husband and I both said "Yes!". Then we dance the night away while we saw th ball drop in NYC the video camera caught those precious family moments.