Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family Vacation To Puerto Rico

June 12, 2012 was the last day of school for my little Princess.She had a wonderful and caring 2nd grade teacher and for that I am thankful! On the 13th of June we travel to JFK in NYC to wait for our plane to take us to Aquadila Puerto Rico.Our plane left at 11:59PM, and we arive the next day June 14, 2012 at 3:41A.M. The best part was getting down from the steps of the plane and seeing it.I took a photo of our plane.So Cool!In San Juan airport you can not see the plane.You come of the plane into a hallway to continue to get the lugages.Our family Puerto Rico trip what an adventure!We arrive at my husband sister house in Isabela Puerto Rico that is West of Puerto Rico in the country side.I was born in San Juan the first Capital of Puerto Rico and that is the city of Puerto Rico.Isabela is 3 hours from San Juan.We made sure to visit all the family equally.We celebrated our little Princess 8th birthday in the Private Boqueron Beach of Puerto Rico.Our family from Puerto Rco were there to celebrated with her.My sister rented a house in the Private Beach of Boqueron in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico.From our balcony we could see the beach.We spend 5 days there having fun and playing in this beautiful beach.We also celebrated fathers day there too.I love that it was private and not public, less crows.We also walk along the beach in the morning and night to get some exercise.The great part was that we ate some of our favorites foods and drinks and came back with the same weight we arrive.We stay trim:) and had a awesome time too!The Piña coladas, Nutella frappe were delicious and the free Daquiri I had at the Bacardi tour was delicious. This are some of the places we visited during our month vacation. 1.Guarapo de Caña y Frapee de Nutela Mayagues Puerto Rico 2.Fiestas Patronales de Isabela 6/16/2012 3.Boqueron Beach el Bañario Cabo Rojo Celebrated my little Pricess 8th birthday with our family. 6/17/2012- 6/21/2012 4.Outlet de Barceloneta 6/22/2012 5.Cumpleaño de Damita asta la 1AM 6/23/2012 6.Guajataca en Quebradilla 6/24/2012 7.Yauco Beach, Playa de Ponce,Parke de Bomba, Pueblo, y Museo de Ponce 6/25/2012 8.Saldinera Isabela 6/26/2012 9.La Tiendita Tipica Limber 21 Sabores 6/28/2012 10.Guancha en Ponce 6/29/2012 11. Lajas Lagos Florecente y Lancha 6/29/2012 12.Cumpleaño de Rosa 7/1/2012 13.Lancha de Cataño 7/3/2012 14. El Morro San Juan vimos todo San Juan en ferry 7/3/2012 15.El Museo de Los Niños Carolina 7/4/2012 16.Visite a Cloty en Carolina "4th de Julio Picina y musica vi a Eduardo el 4"! Nos quedamos desde 7/4/2012 asta 7/9/2012 17.Visite a Tio Ismael y Titi Rosita.Country Club Puerto Rico Vi a Ivan y Ismarie tenia 5 meses Me frio Yaniclecas 7/6/2012 18.Guabate "El Nuevo Rancho" 7/7/2012 19.Bacardi Ponce 7/7/2012 20.Playa de Isla Verde Cumpleaño de Chucho 7/8/2012 21.Hobo Beach Pozo de Jacinto 7/10/2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday to My Little Princess

June 5,2012 My little Princess turns 8th today.We celebrated her birthday at home with friends and family.The Theme was "The Princess and the Frog".The children had a great time, they play at the playground,sang on the Kareoke machine and then the Wii.They did not want to leave.The youngest of the children wanted to stay over.I told him "your mami wants you to go home with her and your siblings.You are welcome to come another day".I bought peperoni pizza for them and juice.I cooked Puerto Rican Dinner for the adults.Arroz con Gandules, Pernil(Pork) and Amarillos(sweet fry bananas).everyone loves my cooking!The cake was Delicious and the ice cream.We all had a wonderful time celebrating our little Angel birthday.