Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early Christmas Gift

This year we have been blessed with a brand new house. It has taken a whole year for the construction process to be completed, but we have enjoyed looking at each of the steps. Every time we stop by Angelic said that is our home.
Moving day was December 23, and the weather was beautiful, and no snow in site. DH was on vacation and everything moved smoothly. On Christmas eve we spend the first night in our new home, and on the 25 we celebrated Christmas with the people that I love the most. Angelic was coming down the steps as I video tape her. Her expression was priceless as she saw the gift Santa has brought her all wrapped under the Christmas tree. I love to keep it magical by having Santa put the gift under the tree after she has gone to sleep. She only see her gift all wrapped up on Christmas Day when she makes her grand entrance to the living room on Christmas morning. She love her Barbie car what she wanted. She got two Barbie car to take her 6 Barbies for a ride. Barbie clothes.A Dora Doll. Cariboo a game she loves to play with us. She also got a microphone and a Pink princess acoustic guitar.Also clothes and shoes.
She is so happy with her first move and new home that everyone who ask what she got for Christmas that is the first thing she tell them. "I Move to a New House"
DH and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary on December 21,2008 and this was our anniversary/Christmas family present this year. Thank you God for everything you give us each day health, family, friends and all our blessings.

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