Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday May 25 2015 My Pretty Flowers

My family and I stop at or garden store after church and bought more pretty flowers for our back yard. Memorial day my sweet husband spend part of his day planting the flowers. My little Princess an I also help. Putting a fence planting, watering the plants, putting mulch and cleaning up. I can't wait until tonight to see the solar light highlighting our pretty garden. Feeling Happy!

Friday, May 22, 2015

7 miles walk this a.m with my husband

Beautiful day this morning 70F and my husband and I decided to go to our local park and walk 7 miles. This are 2 of the photos at our park that is close to our YMCA. Then we went to the Y and did weight for my arm and legs. Right now I am relaxing. My little Princess loves parrots and I took this photo of this frame. TGIF!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Beautiful Flowers my husband and I bought on Friday May 15, 2015

The Beautiful Flowers my husband and I bought on Friday May 15, 2015. My front porch looks so pretty with all this beautiful flowers.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Mother's Day Present From My Best Friend Olga

On Mother's Day I went to church then I had a council meeting. I am the secretary and I take the minutes. Afterward we went home and my husband made me BBQ Shish kabobs and I rested. Today my little princess went to a baseball game with her school and I told her I was going to take her out to a early diner. I went to the gym this morning was on the elliptical, Zumba for 1 hour, treadmill and Spin class for 1 hour. My husband and little Princess pick me up and drove to Chili for the first time. The food was delicious and drinks too. We share the appetizer cheese fries Yum! I had the Fajita with Carnita Pork and a mango lemonade non alcoholic drink Wow amazing! My husband had the ribs and mashed potatoes love it! My little princess had the pepperoni pizza and fries with raspberry tea she said "It Was Delicious!". I ask for two doggy bags to take some of the food home to eat it tomorrow. The waitress ask us if we wanted dessert? I told her no thank you, we are full. The waitress was so nice too. We chose the right time to go there to have a early diner. Recommend this restaurant our first time and it was Fantastic!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Star Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Chayote and Baby Green Banana

My little Princess and I tasted our first Star Fruit yesterday. It was sweet and delicious! I will buy it most often for now on. I also saw the Dragon Fruit and I took a photo with my phone to o some research on it. The next time I stop at this supermarket Price Rite I will buy one to try and se for myself if I like it or not. I also both 2 Chayote to mix with pineapple and mix with water to drink in the morning before breakfast. It was a light juice very yummy. The little baby bananas are so cute. I ate them before love it.

Delicious Deli Sandwiches

Today is Friday May 1, 2015 After doing some shopping my husband and I went and bought 2 sandwiches for lunch. His a Roast Beef sandwich for $4.90 and my a German Meat Loaf sandwich for $4.80. My first time tasting a German Meat Loaf sandwich it was so good MMM. We like going to Karl Ehmer Deli they have the most delicious sandwiches and all type of German food and treats.