Thursday, June 13, 2013

School is Out For the Summer

School is Out for the Summer as of June 13, 2013.My little Princess took a gift to her 3rd grade teacher today. It was a gift card to Dunkin Donuts so She can enjoy it with her daughters. There was chocolate there too. I also send a poem. My little Princess enjoy her and her class. She told me her teacher hug her 2 times. Said "Thank You and to tell your mom Thank You too". She did great in 3rd grade and She miss her and her friends.

My little Princess met Brian Scott #43 from the Bufalo Bill

On June 6, 2013 my little Princess receive a Art certificate from the Baum school of Art. My little Princess had a private assembly class with Brian Scott and her teachers. She told me that he wanted everyone to cheer for one another. He call her name and gave her the certificate and she said, Thank You". I got to meet him and my husband too. He sign his signature on the back of her certificate. Be Dedicated! Brian Scott #43.My husband was talking to my little Princess and She ask him "Daddy do you watch Scott team?" He said "No"! But now I will:)Scott laugh and so did the 3 ladies who were standing by him. My little Princess said the Art teacher took a private photo of the class with Brian Scott.

Happy Birthday to My little Princess

On June 5,2013 my little Princess turn 9 years young. We celebrated on Saturday June 8, 2013.It was a sunny day and pleasant temperature the children play in the playground. We all had a wonderful time. The theme was Hippy Chick. The cake look beautiful with a owl decoration on it. All the decorations in our house look beautiful. She receive lots of gift. The best gift were her friends who came, and spend time with her. I love 2 home made birthday cards that her friends gave her. One girl drew a photo of my little princess with her holding hands. They had glitter on their dresses, and She wrote happy Birthday on it. The boy gave her a card, and wrote he miss her at Sunday school. Good luck in 4th grade. He drew a photo of her walking on grass:) My little Princess said, "This is the Best Day Ever Spending it with My Friends".