Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Your One Hot Mama!

We had 3 gorgeous days and have been playing outside until 7 PM. On Saturday my friend brought her granddaughter to play with my little Angel. Jayra brought my little Angel a gift bag with little doll mermaids. Then they hug and went to play dress up, Barbies, Karaoke and then we went outside to the backyard were they play until 7p.m. we ate dinner at my home. Then her grandmother and I sat and talk. We had a great time.
Pretty, Young an Sexy!On Sunday my husband, little Angel and I went to the mall. My little Angel was wearing a spring dress and dressy black shoes. She receive so many complements from passerby. She look precious! I went to buy a bathing suit. I went to JCPenney. I took the same swimsuit in 2 different sizes to try on. I took my little honest fashionista with me into the dressing room. My DH sat down on a chair and waited patiently outside. You know for us women how hard it is to find a swimsuit. I put it on and was standing in front of the full lenght mirror with a smile on my face. I was thinking I LOOK PRETTY, YOUNG and SEXY! I love how it looks on me. Then I hear my 5 year young daughter said " YOUR ONE HOT MAMA"! I hug and kiss her. I told her you made my day:) She said "show Daddy"! My husband told me to pick the smaller size and that it look beautiful. My little Angel is a child who Loves, Loves to tell me on a daily basis how much she loves me, "You are the Best mom in the whole wide world", You are the Best Cook in the world' "You are my Sunshine",cupcake follow with hugs and kisses. Every time I hear those words they fill me with so much happiness. I also give her lots of hugs and kisses. I Tell her how much I love her, she is a Beauty, Precious, Bella, Smart and how Proud I am that she is my daughter. She has never said "YOUR ONE HOT MAMA"! I felt like I was floating on a cloud, and to tell you the truth I do not want to come down!
DH took me to Victoria Secret to buy me Beauty Rush juice berry body spray. I love it and recommend it!We went to Built a Bear to buy her Teddy clothes and she help the lady by giving her cotton to put in the machine. The cashier at JCPenney said how beautiful my little Angel is and wanted her to stay with her:) My little Angel told her I can stop with my mommy and Daddy to see you another day but today I am going home with them.
After we got home I ask her where she had heard "YOUR ONE HOT MAMA" She said she made it up.

Thanks for reading.

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