Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine Day

I had a wonderful Valentine Day with my daughter and hubby.In the morning until we pick up our daughter at school my hubby and I spend time together. We went out for lunch and went shopping for clothes for the 3 of us:) I receive a dozen roses and vase from my hubby and a pink carnation from my 6 year young daughter. She wrote "You are my sweetheart" I waited in the car as my husband went to pick her up at school.She was holding a pink carnation in her hand a skipping along with a big smile on her face. She gave me the carnation and said Happy Valentine Day! I read the note and got teary eye and kiss her. She told the lady at school she wanted a pink carnation because that was mami's favorite color flower.She also told her to write "You are my Sweetheart" that is what she has been calling me this year:) A example: "sure sweetheart I get that for you" or "I love you sweetheart".My daughter was so happy to receive Valentine cards,and candy from her classmates. She also love giving cards to all her classmates and lolipops. She gave the teacher a card and Hershey kisses.She donated money to the children cancer fund at school. She is my sweetheart and I am a proud mami. We also bought each other a pretty mug.I did not use the flash on the first photo of my bouquet. The second photo I use the flash.

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart

We celebrate my husband birthday over the weekend. My daughter told the baker to write Happy Birthday Daddy on it. I wanted the colors blue and green on it. Green is my daughter favorite color and the blue for my sweety. Everyone said the cake was Beautiful and it was Delicious!