Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our 12 Year Anniversary

On Sunday December 21 2008 DH and I will celebrate our 12 year anniversary. The day we got married all our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. We have a great communication with one another verbally and mentally. Sometimes I will said something and he said I was just going to said that or I was thinking it at the same time. We are in tune with one another and we love it!. DH had share some of the most happy day of my life (graduating from college) when we were dating. Working in NYC for the first time after I got married to him. He even taught me how to take the 2 trains all by myself. He was also my rock when I lost my dad. He is a great listener and also like to act young wish I find it a plus in our marriage:) The day we had our daughter was the happiest day of our life.

On December 23, 2008 We move in to our brand new home. We celebrated our first Christmas and New Year. This was our 12 year anniversary gift and early Christmas present. Our daughter is so happy to be living here, and lets everyone know she move into her new home:) We feel so happy with all our blessings.

Enjoying our Christmas

December 11,2008 my little Princess class celebrated "Gingerbread House Day". The parents were invited. I went in the morning and had sooo much fun putting the Gingerbread House together with my daughter. She love the vanilla frosting. She took candy(candy cane,gummy bears,mints candy) put some frosting on it and ate it. I told her not to eat too much or she would get a tummy ache. I came home and took some photos to remember the Gingerbread House. I wanted us to enjoy the moment at school without stopping to take photos. I waited until we got home, and then I took some photos of my relax and happy daughter:) She did also eat her lunch and dinner. No tummy aches :)