Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome Sexy October

Welcome Sexy October! October Babies: We Were Born Romantic, Passionate & Loving Is Part Of Our DNA! Venus Is Our Ruling Planet! We Were Created At The Beginning Of Each New Year ( January) And The Precious Babies- Blessings Our Loving Parents Receive In October With Love And Joy. Love It!. We Were Bless By God with 7 Precious/Loving Family Members In The Month Of October! Celebrating From October 1 Until Ocotber 31. God Bless my Family and Friends. I Am So Happy October Has Arrived!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Mami

Saturday September 26, 2015. Happy Birthday To My Angel, My Queen, My Role Model, My Loving Mami! You Made Me The Loving Mami, Wife, Lady That I Am Today.You Are The Best Mom I Was Blessed To Have. You Were Always So Loving To Me And My Brothers And Sisters. You Always Care About Us, But Also About Our Neighbors. If They Had Food Or Needed Clothes You Always Help. As A Little Girl Seen Neighbor Come To The House To Get Bags Of Clothes And Food For Their Families.I Am Thankful And Blessed To See Such Kindness From You As A Little Girl. I Am The Lucky One To Call You My Mother! Lots Of Kisses To You Today And Always!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Welcome Autumn/Fall My Favortie Season

I a so happy Autumn/Fall is Here! Wednesday September 23, 2015. Let the fun begin!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Welcome September 1 2015

I had a fun time at the 163rd year Allentown Fair with my family on September 1, 2015.I love looking at al the creativity people display at the fair. The Agri-Plex building is one of my favorite part to see and enjoy.

Labor Day Weekend

I had a fun time at Blue Marsh Lake with my family and friends on Labor Day Weekend.My brother brought his new Kayak and used it an even went fishing. We BBQ and ate so many different food delicious food. The children had a fun tie swimming.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blue Marsh Lake PA

I had a fun time at Blue Marsh Lake with my family and friends Saturday August 22, 2015. We arrive at 8a.m at the lake. The first time I visit. My brother and his wife have been there before and love it. It cost $3.00 per car to use the lake. The security guards were not on duty at 8a.m so we put the money in a envelop and drop it in a drop box. Took the bottom portion of the paper and displayed it on the car dashboard. We park close to the lake and walk down carrying all the supplies we took to the lake. My husband set the tent up for us to use. My brother had a big umbrella for us to seat and rest. At first we talk, played music and took in the beautiful scenery. I took photos of my family, friends and the lake. We went into the lake and swim, played volley ball and had a great time. My sister in law cook Arros con Abichuela(rice with red beans) and pork. She also roasted sweet bananas. I made Pinchos Shishkobobs with green peppers. I also made ham and cheese sweet roll sandwiches. I brought potato chip sour cream and onion and regular chips. Sunkist soda, water, cookies, Quenepas, Coconut with Almonds. The chicken hot dogs with mozzarella my little Princess love. We share the food and everything was delicious. At the end we did a trail called "Fox Trot Trail" We saw a bean farm and also talk to a fisherman about the type of fish you catch there and the fish that got away. We had a wonderful time and will visit again. We stay there for 9 hours:)Facts about Blue Marsh Lake PA:Blue Marsh Lake is a 6,100 acre-project having a 1,150-acre lake. Facilities include a day use area with swim beach, bathhouse, food concession, picnic areas, volleyball courts, pavilions available for rental; visitor center; three boat launches; and a stilling basin. Trails include a 30-mile multi-purpose hiking/biking trail and three interpretive trails, one being ADA accessible. Activities include swimming, picnicking, boating, water-skiing, hiking, equestrian and mountain bike riding, fishing, hunting, bird watching and other nature-oriented and outdoor activities. #familytime #friendstime #summertime2015 #fun

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Knoebel Amusement Park

On Sunday my family and my friend Aurora her husband 3 sons and a friend went wit us to our favorite amusement park Knoebels. We rode on the "Pioneer Train" I love it because it takes you all through the park. I sat all the way in the back and video tape the ride and my little Princess and friends having fun. Then my friends went to the pool for the remaining of the trip and we went on the rides we love. The Tea Pot, Twirl ride, carousel, Antique Cars. We laugh so much when we ride the Tea Pot and Twirl ride. We also ate our favorite treat a "Funnel Cake". We only buy it there the ladies who make it with so much love. Visited the Carousel Museum and my little Princess also had a Cotton candy Dipping Dots. We had a Fun time!