Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School started

I can't believe my baby is already in 2nd grade.She is very happy she has a nice teacher.Every morning and at th end of the day she gives hr hugs. She thinks sh is fabulous and so does hr teacher. She had 2 word test and on both she receive a A. Last weekend we went to Marshall and she saw a pretty gifts and thought about her teacher. I told her we could buy it but to wait until Christmas but she wanted to give it to her on Monday. The teacher told my little Angel that she thought it was her birthday. One boy gave her tissues, another boy gave her a book and my daughter gave her a school supply gifts(stappler, stappler remover, scissors, calculator all with th peace sign on it) this gift below:) The teacher gave me a hug when she saw me in the afternoon.I hope she continues to have a wonderful school year:)