Friday, January 10, 2014

Great Inventions of the Twentieth Century

I found this Great Inventions of the Twentieth Century on a box of cereal I bought my little Princess and made a copy to keep for reference.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Staying home on Sunday

Today we decided to stay home and just rest after the weather advisory we are under until 5P.M. Since this morning we had a wintry mix of ice and rain. At 6:00A.M it was 8 degree. We were going to a 3 King celebration in the next town but we decide not to go. The event was going to start at 3 to 7 P.M with live music and gifts for the children. I went last year with my family and had a great time. I was going to take a friend of my and her 2 son, but I called her this morning and told her how terrible the weather was and I did not want to risk our lives. We are going to get together next weekend. She is going to show me a great Thrift Store She goes to. She tells me She finds items with tickets on it and at great prices. Below is a photo of the 5 inches of snow that felt on Thursday night to Friday morning.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

I can not complain for the year that I am saying goodbye to 2013. It was a wonderful year for us. A little recap we met Janet Lawson a wonderful Jazz singer and sweet lady.She has worked with Duke Ellington, Bob Dorough, Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Barry Harris, Milt Hinton, Dave Liebman, Joe Newman, Rufus Reid, Barney Kessel, Clark Terry, Ed Thigpen, Cedar Walton and the Art Farmer Quartet She was nominated for a Grammy. She was so sweet to pose with my little Princess for a photo. We also met linebacker Brian Scott from the Buffalo Bills number 23. He sign my little Princess Baum School of Art certificate. My husband and little Princess made him smile. Very sweet man. We also met David Roman and his wife Raina Telgemeier New York Times Bestselling Author. We attended a program at our local museum where they talk to the audience on how they get started drawing and writing books. Dave Roman write and draw from his imagination and Raina from her personal experiences like in the book smile about the traumatic ordeal She went thru after falling down and losing some of her teeth. I bought the book for my little Princess and I also took a photo of the 2 of them. We also met Carlos Nunez. My family had a awesome time at Musikfest last night. Carlos Nuñez at Plaza Tropical was Fantastic. This European superstar blends Celtic sounds with Spanish folk music. The friendly battle between the drummer and the River-dance dancer was so much fun to watch. They had everyone clapping and jamming. Yummy Food, Great Music and Best Place to be with Family and Friends. We also met Kenneth Moton from 6abc Action News and I took a photo of my husband with him. We enjoyed time with the family at Longwood Garden to celebrate my birthday and to see the Chrysanthemum festival. We completed the goal to visit Longwood Garden during the 4 seasons. We went in the summer, the Spring for the Orchid Festival, Fall Chrysanthemum Festival and Winter for the Gingerbread Christmas celebration. One of our favorite places to visit. Another place that we love is Knoebel even thought we need to drive more than a hour we have so much fun at this amusement park. We visit every year. They make the best funnel cakes which my little Princess and we love. It was also special to visit my aunt in Highs town New Jersey on the 20th of December. The day was perfect sunny and in the 60F. For December that is perfect weather. We celebrated our 17 anniversary and went with friends to the farmer market to celebrated. Her 2 children love the place especially playing with the race cars. One of them the little one said to his mom " I want to spend the rest of my life her. Bring me again for my birthday". I was happy to spend the day with them and to put a smile on the boys faces. On Christmas Eve we celebrated the day with our friends. They have a 9 year daughter like we do and they go to the same school. They play with the little Pet shop and we socialize with her parents. The lady cook a delicious meal for us. Then at the end of the meal the daughter brought out her saxophone and she play the pink panther theme song while my little Princess conducted her and dance in the living room. We all applauded Bravo! One of the things I did was go on stage at Musikfest and dance with my brother. We also dance to our friend Luisito Rosario Salsa band. I also video tape him singing "La Cura" by Frankie Ruiz. Which I posted on Facebook and he love. I also did Zumba outside with the Zumberas from the YMCA. My husband video tape us and I posted on YouTube after the instructor love our performance and ask me to. I am thankful to God for all the blessings he has giving me this passed year 2013. I hope and pray that 2014 bring us many blessings. Our New Year Eve table decorated to ring in the New Year 2014