Friday, July 11, 2014

Home made Peach Pie todays dessert

Today I had a morning Doctor appointment and everything is well with my health. Thank God! Then my husband, my little princess and I went to the super market to buy the ingredients for the peach pie my little princess wanted me to make for her today. I made sure to buy ice cream to. She wanted chocolate and vanilla that is the one I chose. I also went to Ollie were I bought a Pie plate from the Paula Deen collection. I also had a 10% coupon that I use and it was more cheaper then the actual price. Then we went to AAA to become members. We got trip tick for our upcoming trip. I got home and made hot dogs, hamburgers, steak and regular fries. My husband wanted sweet potato fries. Then I started preparing the pie. My daughter sprinkle cinnamon on top an I place it in the oven for 45 minute at 350F. It came out perfect. I let it rest and then I shard it with the family. It was a hit and so delicious.

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