Monday, July 14, 2014

37Th Annual Heritage Day in Easton PA 7.13.2014

On Sunday July 13,2014 my family and I went to the 37th Annual Heritage Day in Easton PA. We arrive early and park in the paying parking lot. As we came out of the parking lot we saw the dragon mascot. I took a photo of her with my husband and little princess. At 12 P.M we listen to a live reading of the Declaration of Independence on center square in Easton. Easton was one of three cities where the Declaration of Independence was first read publicly; along with Trenton and Philadelphia. Most of it is a detailed list of grievances the colonies had suffered at the hands of king George III of England. It is at once a bold assertion of sovereignty and an eloquent defense of the rights of the individual against the power of the state. We were honoring the actions of the founding fathers and the writing of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence. Presaging the birth of the U.S.A. Here is the video that I tape while I was at the 37 TH Annual Heritage Day.

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