Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July 2014

I had a wonderful 4th of July 2014. At home I made breakfast Cheese, and Ham omelet. Potato cakes made in the oven with Parmesan, Romano, Munster cheese and Panko. My husband love it! For lunch we had hotdogs some with ketchup and others with chili with a refreshing cold ice tea. Then we went to "A Red, White and Blue Celebration at our local park. We got there at 3p.m to find parking. In years passed we were able to park in front of Cedar Beach Park, but this year do to the free community celebration people are not allow to park there anymore. The street is close. So we park along houses and walk to the football stadium were we waited until the gates were open at 6p.m. During our wait we were people watching. We saw dogs dress up for a dog parade. The lady who park in front of were we were sitting won first place. Her dog was dress as a superhero and her young grandson was wearing a red cape and sat in a red wagon. He was holding a sign that read " Our Real Superheroes are Our Soldiers!" She was holding her dog leash and pulling her grandson wagon to the parade. We thought She was not going to make it, but She did and won. We said "Congratulation!" She got some cat food too. She ask who had a cat? This lady raise her hand and She gave her both bags of cat food. We saw so many people trying to park in the Handicap Parking when they did not have the handicapped sticker on the windshield. A man who was sitting next to us and patrolling kept telling them "Do you have a Handicapped Sticker?" You can't park here this two sides are only for Handicapped people". I saw this parking place were they were charging $10.00 to park. This black couple who came over to were we were siting told us They paid $10.00. We all said that is a RIP OFF! The man said "You could have park here". The man's wife was walking around in crutches. We felt bad for them. The gates to the football field open at 6p.m. We walk and sat in the middle to get a great view off the show. We took ham and cheese sandwiches, Chocolate protein bars, potato chips, water and juice to snack on while viewing the performance. There was along line of people waiting to buy Funnel cakes for $5.00. My husband and I said the same thing "We wait until we go to Knoebel this year to buy our funnel cakes for $3.00 and they are the best Funnel Cakes we have ever tasted!". This couple next to us spend $15.00 on hot dogs Yikes. I heard one of the children a boy said "I do not like hot dog!". The show started we watch children dancing, a singer with his band singing to the soldiers. They were really good. The fireworks at the end. We left at 10P.M.We had to take the road close to our old home to get to our new home. Too much traffic. As we pass by our old home and small mall were I just to take my daughter to eat Peperoni Pizza at Primos, buy Enternmann cakes and buy Chinese food. My husband said " You want Chinese Food?" We both said "Yes!" This restaurant cooks make the most delicious Chinese food I have ever tasted. We stay up late to see the fireworks of Philadelphia PA. Beautiful show they know how to party! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July too.

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