Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Monday: We went to Picked Rasberries and for a Family Walk in the Afternoon.

Today Monday July 21,2014 in the afternoon we decided to go for a walk and to look for raspberries. We left the home at 5:30p.m and wore our visors to protected our face from the sun. The weather was pleasant as we walk and saw the raspberries and right away my husband and my little Princess started picking them and putting it in the Halloween bucket we took along. She sample some of the raspberries and love it. My little Princess also took a bottle of water to keep hydrated:). I took photos of the fun we were having and also of the wild flowers we saw along the way. As we walk back home we talk to two different neighbors. We got home at 7:00p.m. I look at the calendar and I saw that we were celebrating another 17 years and 7 month of marriage. We had a great time and it was free healthy snack and we enjoyed those moments together that are priceless. The Lazy Susans or Black eyed Susans are my flowers at home.

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