Friday, July 15, 2016

A Fun Family Day At Strawberry Acres

Some photos of our family Fun on Wednesday July 13, 2016.Every New Year my Resolution is the same:) I want to visit a new place and try a new food. Last year during December/Christmas celebration we visited Walt Disney World Orlando for the 1st time. Our family gift and to celebrate our 19 year anniversary. This year we visited "Fruit and Veggie" farm to pick Strawberries for the first time and it was a fun experience picking strawberries. The 2nd resolution for me is to try some new food. Last year I had many. One of my favorite was German "Meatloaf". For the longest time I wanted to try a "Falafel" It is made with Chickpeas(Garbanzos) a Middle Eastern Cuisine. I wanted to go to an authentic Middle Eastern restaurant to order it. I did it yesterday. check off Bucket list on Wednesday July 13,2016. My little Princess & husband had Chinese food. "Sweet & Sour Chicken" is my daughter favorite. My husband order Pork Fried Rice and I grilled a steak for him:)The restaurant we went to yesterday was a place that my husband and I went to before we had our daughter. It was so cool talking to the man cashier and learning that they still own the place more than 20 years. I was telling my little princess that there was a ice cream parlor on the same strip, but is no longer there. My husband and I just to go there when I was pregnant and order a Sundae. One day the owner said to me "Be careful that you do not break your water here like a lot of the ladies have in the pass!" Thank God my daughter broke my water at home:).Any way I brought the "Falafel" home and ate half and save the other half for today lunch. I had it with a Bai Pineapple Coconut flavor drink so delicious. We did go to pick cherries and I have not laugh so much as I did yesterday. After all the sad news in the news my soul needed it and I thank God that he made it happen. I call my closest friends to tell them and they were laughing too and they were not even there that is how funny the scene were. Blessings.

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