Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blue Marsh Lake PA

I had a fun time at Blue Marsh Lake with my family and friends Saturday August 22, 2015. We arrive at 8a.m at the lake. The first time I visit. My brother and his wife have been there before and love it. It cost $3.00 per car to use the lake. The security guards were not on duty at 8a.m so we put the money in a envelop and drop it in a drop box. Took the bottom portion of the paper and displayed it on the car dashboard. We park close to the lake and walk down carrying all the supplies we took to the lake. My husband set the tent up for us to use. My brother had a big umbrella for us to seat and rest. At first we talk, played music and took in the beautiful scenery. I took photos of my family, friends and the lake. We went into the lake and swim, played volley ball and had a great time. My sister in law cook Arros con Abichuela(rice with red beans) and pork. She also roasted sweet bananas. I made Pinchos Shishkobobs with green peppers. I also made ham and cheese sweet roll sandwiches. I brought potato chip sour cream and onion and regular chips. Sunkist soda, water, cookies, Quenepas, Coconut with Almonds. The chicken hot dogs with mozzarella my little Princess love. We share the food and everything was delicious. At the end we did a trail called "Fox Trot Trail" We saw a bean farm and also talk to a fisherman about the type of fish you catch there and the fish that got away. We had a wonderful time and will visit again. We stay there for 9 hours:)Facts about Blue Marsh Lake PA:Blue Marsh Lake is a 6,100 acre-project having a 1,150-acre lake. Facilities include a day use area with swim beach, bathhouse, food concession, picnic areas, volleyball courts, pavilions available for rental; visitor center; three boat launches; and a stilling basin. Trails include a 30-mile multi-purpose hiking/biking trail and three interpretive trails, one being ADA accessible. Activities include swimming, picnicking, boating, water-skiing, hiking, equestrian and mountain bike riding, fishing, hunting, bird watching and other nature-oriented and outdoor activities. #familytime #friendstime #summertime2015 #fun

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