Monday, April 7, 2014

Thank You God

Today as I was walking 3 miles on the track at the YMCA with my husband. I was thinking how Thankful I am for the things that I have in my life. 1. My family has Health Insurance. 2.We have a Family Membership at our local YMCA. We go 6 days a week to exercise in the morning. Monday and Saturday we work on the elliptical, row machine, weights, track, treadmill. We also use the sauna and pool. I also take 4 classes which I love. Tuesday Boot camp, Wednesday Zumba Dance, Wednesday Zumba Toning with the weights and Friday Step. There is always a family event to participate in. Right now they have a Easter celebration which we are going to attend and bring chicken to share and candy for the children. It will be a Pot Luck type of meal. The children will have a Easter Egg Hunt in the auditorium and then the adults will have one too:)3. I am thankful for the House that we live in that we are able to paid every month.4. I am thankful for the Car we have that it is completely paid for it. The most Awesome feeling when the last payment was made.5. I am thankful that my daughter take Art class at the Baum School of Arts for the passed 3 years. The rest of the things that we want we are letting God know what they are, He decide when it is the right time for them to happen. We are not going to stress about it we are just going to save and continue to pray. Thank You God for yesterday church service it was inspirational to both my husband and me and you spoke to us to feel the way I am writing in my post.

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