Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Sweet Treat for today 4.16.2013

Today my husband and I visited a new bakery after the recommendation of friends. It has been open for 1 year but we never look that way while we drove by. It is beautiful and the treats are very pretty display. We bought bread and 3 treats. They were delicious. My little Princess just got accepted to go to Art school starting in May 2 ,2013. We are so happy:) The treats were a celebration of her going to Art school and doing well on some recent test. She also have been working on her PSSA at school since the 8th of April it last until the 26 of April. I think She deserve a treat.

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  1. The top picture was created by my little Princess.The first treat is my little Princess. The 2nd one is a Tres leche for me and the third one is Pan Dulce con Guayaba. Sweet Bread with Guava Paste.