Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentines Days 2017

"Happy Valentine's Day" My little Princess gifts to me. Her adorable doggy she drew in her "Drawing and Painting" class at the Baum School of Art on Saturday. The expression is all in the eyes. "Is like he is saying take me home". I love how she drew it. I am going to frame it and display it in our home. 2nd doggy a edit she did. A book that I can record a message about my family history and inside lots of question about me and my family. The treats we enjoyed making on Valentine's day 2.14.2017. Mini Caramel Rice Cakes Dip in Coconut and Vanilla Chocolate and the Chocolate cover Strawberries we made as a family. The Chocolate with white chocolate little Princess made it. The 1st photo my little Princess Valentine's treats from us. The 2nd photo the treats my husband brought me. "Cream Brule" and "Tiramisu" an a mini box of chocolate. "Hershey Kisses" for little Princess and me. When she was 3 and ate Hershey Kisses she always said "Mami give me a Hershey Kiss on her cheek" Brings back those precious memories when I see Hershey kisses. Chocolate cover Strawberries we made on Valentine's day. The Yummy cupcakes we shared on Valentine's day. We had a fun time as a family on Valentine's day and always when the 3 of us are together.

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