Sunday, June 12, 2016

Strawberry Fields

Saturday June 11, 2016. I always taken my little Princess since she was a toddler to a farm called "Strawberry Acres" we would ride the tractor and they took us to the open field to pick our own fruits. My little Princess has picked Peaches, Apples, Cherries, and Pumpkins. Even thought the farm is call "Strawberry Acres" they do not have any strawberries to pick at the farm. My little Princess celebrated her birthday on June 5 2016 and this was the perfect time for that dream to come true. One day during this passed week, I was on the computer when a Facebook recommended for me "Fruit and Veggie Alpha Farm". I said "Wow how cool would that be if it was in my state!" For sure I thought it was going to be in another state when I look at the address it was in Bethlehem PA. I was trilled! I send the information to one of my best friend Janet. She said it was close to us and we should plan to go with our family after the children were out of school after the 17th of June 2016. I send a private message to the owner of "Fruit and Veggie" to ask her until when were the Strawberries ready to be picked. She told me they have a short season to be picked. After I told my friend we decided to go on Saturday June 11 2016. I invited my other best friend Araceli and she said "Yes". We met at the Kmart parking lot. My husband rode my friend van her 15 year son came with her, my daughter and I were also in the van. Araceli, her husband and 2 boys follow us to the farm. Janet put the GPS to guide us to our destination. Janet and I were talking so she did not paid attention and we had to turn around. We decided not to talk anymore LOL until we got to the farm. It was only 25 minutes from our house. The owner Chris met at the entrance so friendly and with a smile he welcome us to his farm. He told us "You can pick a lane with the blue flag and just start picking". I feel that this trip was put together by God and my guardian angels( her grandparents) for my little Princess to celebrate her birthday month.Best part for me was seen our children smile as they picked their own Strawberries. It has always been a dream of mine to pick my own strawberries at a farm with my family. The Strawberries were Delicious and juicy. Dream come true on Saturday 12 2016 at the Fruit and Veggie Alpha Farm.

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