Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me October 21 2015

October 21: Happy Birthday To Me And To My #1 Salsa Queen Celia Cruz(October 21, 1925). It Makes Me So Happy That I Have Love All Her Music, Sang,Dance to Since I Was A Little Girl And I Was Born The Same Day. The Perfect Song To Start Our Birthday Celebration "La Vida Es Un Carnival!" It makes me Happy when I hear it.Birthday Highlights. My Friend Araceli Told Me "God Gave You A Beautiful Day !"It Was A Sunny and Blue Sky in the 70's. My Husband And I Went To The New Sands Casino For The 1st Time So Much Fun. Then We Went To Bethlehem Steel For Some History And Photo Opts. Dancing, Dinner I ate Sausage Tortellini and Broccoli and cauliflower. And Cake Time. My Little Princess And My Husband Hit The Ball Out Of The Ball Park (Home Run) With Their Birthday Gift. Aviator Recordable 8in1 Wooden Music Center with Bluetooth.Put A Smile On My Face Now I Get To Listen To My Records ,Tapes And I Can Record It To CDS.Relive the soundtrack of your life--and enjoy the latest hits--with Aviator's classic spin on modern technology! The 8-in-1 music center is the perfect combo of old and new--that lets you enjoy and record your music, no matter what format it's in. The retro-style wooden cabinet features all there audio technology you need to play and record all your favorite tunes: a three-speed turntable, a CD player/recorder, cassette player, AM/FM radio, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, and an external audio input.That gives you a total of eight ways to enjoy and transfer your music: play a record; play a CD; listen to the AM/FM Radio; play a cassette tape; plug into an outside source through the external input; sync the music center to a Bluetooth device; record your vinyl or cassettes to CD; or record directly to an MP3 recorder or computer via the USB port. My little princess Said It Best"The sound is Great!" after hearing her 1st record. "El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico". After Singing Happy Birthday No One Was More Happy Than My Little Princess. My little princess Said "Vamos A Comer Biscocho! I Have Not Eaten Birthday Cake Since My Birthday In June!" I Am Blessed To Have All Of You In My Life!. Blessings!

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