Monday, August 3, 2015

Easton PA Latin Festival Saturday August 1 2015

On Saturday August 1 2015 my family and I went to the Easton Latin Festival. This is the 4th year that they held the event. It was our first time attending. The main act was Hector Tricoche from Puerto Rico. My husband was so excited to go see him perform his greatest Salsa songs. A little background on Hector Tricoche:Hector Tricoche is an internationally renowned Puerto Rican singer hailed by audiences for his way of playing salsa music. It is notable for its impressive high , melodious voice and rich texture that have helped distinguish himself as one of the favorites.Tricoche began his career as a singer for Mickey Cora’s orchestra and then Joe Rodriguez’s Terrífica . There are several successes that this successful singer has contributed to salsa music. Just to mention some : “No Soy Automático” “Sed de Amarte”, “Hacer el Amor”, “Debí Amarte Más”, “Lobo Domesticado”, “No Tires la Primera Piedra”. School and Ballet Folklorico de México Yaretzi was created by Maribel and Alfredo Navarro to rescue and strengthen the roots and traditions of Mexico. Children, young people and adults get to know Mexican culture through dance with colorful cheerful and entertaining presentations in different events, community festivals.The institution has responded positively to the need for groups and programs for youth in the community of Norristown, since 2006. With the investment of time, energy, Yaretzi has been able to help the youth community with a positive attitude , and they know that our young people will have a better future ahead. kid salsa stars Beberly Devers and Kevin Tellez. The pair, who train in Hudson County, New Jersey, took home the world championship in the 6 and 7-year-old division at the Latino Del Mundo Israeli Salsa Congress back in April 2014. Devers and Tellez were also featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2014.Rey C was born Reynaldo Antonio Orozco on October 31, 1987 in Managua, Nicaragua. Rey C currently resides in the north eastern region of the United States. With his strong passion for his Central American culture, he has transformed himself into a very eclectic and talented musician and artist. His entrepreneurial mentality has encouraged his visions and accomplishments. As a reggae/hip hop/Latin artist, the demand to be distinct and portray a plethora of unique characteristics is significant.His diversity lays out a foundation to open up a whole new genre in the Latin community. Not only has music been a passion of his, but his love for the visual aspect has as well. While being an icon for his fans is a rush, being behind the scenes is a strong platform for him. His enjoyment for video production is playing an enormous roll in his moving up in the performance industry.We also saw the folklore of Puerto Rico, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Dominican Republic. I video tape and took some photos of the event. We had a wonderful time. Love everyone performance. Hector Tricoche was beyond awesome. Such a gentleman and approachable to his adoring fan after the show ended. My husband got a photo with him and was so happy which makes me happy. He should be included in any Salsa or cultural event A+ performance!

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