Friday, December 12, 2014

Today we celebratd my little princess getting a great report card

My husband and I where trilled yesterday when we spoke to our little Princess teacher. She receive a wonderful report card. She was so happy and we where happy and proud of her working so hard for those A's and B. She wanted to make gingerbread cookies with me and we did. Since Wednesday She was dismissed at 12p.m due to conference. Today Friday December 12, 2014 we pick her up and drove to our favorite Chinese restaurant. She kept asking "where are we going?" I said "Is a surprise!". She was so happy when we got there. We order sweet and sour chicken with pork fried rice. she does not like the sauce just the chicken and puts soy sauce on the rice:). We also stop at Entermann and bought pumpkin bagels, gingerbread bagels, whole grain sandwich thin. pumpkin cake and donuts. My husband and I had ribs I made at home with the fried rice and salad (Kale, Spinach and carrots) with a Italian dressing. Feeling Happy and Blessed.

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