Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day November 4 2014

This morning November 4 2014 my husband and I took our little Princess to school at 8a.m then we went to vote. Bright eye and bushy tail we casted our vote. I saw a friend of our at the poll and we spend some time talking to her. Her 2 daughter are in the same school as my little princess. Then we went to the YMCA to walk and jog on the track and lift weights. My husband then went to the barber Shop and got a hair cut. Then we came home to cook and watch some TV. Pick up our little princess from school. We eat our meal and then is homework time. Family time today we are taking a evening walk and then at night my little princess and I are going to our back yard to look at the moon and the night sky with a binocular. I told my little Princess this morning an She was so happy an aid "I can't wait!". Below is my husband and my sweater with I voted stickers.

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