Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween October 31 2014

We had a fun time Trick O Treating today. We had a family party at our home first before we went Trick O Treating. We made hot dogs wraps in crescent rolls, home made fruit smoothies, cookies, rice krispies dip in chocolate with sprinkle, and pop corn. We listen and dance to Michael Jackson music. We video tape and took photos of the fun we had together in our sweet home. My little Princess was dress as Cosmic Cutie. We took her to see the big pumpkin to take a photo next to the Big Pumpkin wearing her costume. There was also a red bench where She sat and it had a pumpkin with a black cat on it. She loves cats it seem perfect. I love the way the photo came out. One of my favorites of my little Princess. Then we park our car next to the farmer market and we started walking. We cross the street to one of the houses I like. She got candy and I took a photo of her standing in front of the house. It was 6p.m the time Trick O Treat starts here. We walk for 1 hour a half. She told me She was getting tire and we told her we were coming home. As we passed by one of the street we saw people handing out candy from a Trunk O Ttreat and we stop by and She got more candy. Then we drove home We got home at 8p.m. I check all the candy and took photo of the candy She receive this year while listening to Michael Jackson number one hits. Triller was on it! I love the month of October. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays where I get creative and have a lot of fun.

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