Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

I had a wonderful birthday. My husband made me my favorite Latin Dinner and for the first time my birthday cake was a ice cream cake. My little Princess chose my birthday cake. She wanted to be ice cream float in the inside it had brownie and mint chocolate chip it was delicious. The Asian lady at the bakery said "Wow it is beautiful make sure to take a photo before you cut it". I smile and said "I will". I love to take photos so that is why I smile when She said "don't forget to take a photo!":) The lady gave my little Princess 20 munchkin for free. My husband also bought pumpkin donuts so yummy. My little Princess made me a bouquet of flowers using plastic water bottle. They are beautiful and I put it on top of my Dining Room table. We also celebrated this weekend with our family. We had a wonderful time together. The month of October is a special month for my family. My parents had the 4 girls in the month of October and 1 son. My sister had 2 grandchildren and both where born in October. Her 1st grandson was born on her birthday and his little sister was born on October 31. There is a total of 7 birthday for us in October. I love my family and the month of October.

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