Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Fathers Day to a wonderful husband and Father

We celebrated Fathers Day in New York City. We went shopping first in Manhattan then we went to visit my husband family whom he has not seen in 8 years. He saw his cousin who own a store in Brooklyn NYC. He gave my daughter a present for her birthday $ 10.00 dollars one dollar for each of her years. He has a adorable kitty cat that belong in a cat catalog. He was acting like he was boxing with his owner. We were all laughing how cute he look. Then we headed to my husband friend house and there her son gave my daughter a present again $10.00 a dollar for ach of her years.She was so happy and thankful. She kept telling how all of them were so nice. We went to a nearby Spanish restaurant to buy food. Then we went to a candy store to buy some treat for our little princess. We then went to buy a delicious Dominican cake for my daughter birthday. The most delicious cake I had. Some of the license plates my little Princess saw on the way to NYC. License Plate: Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Ontario Canada, New Jersey, PA, Maryland. We arrive home at 7 P.M do to the traffic in China Town. I put a photo of one of the place that New Yorkers rent bikes Duarte Square. My husband , daughter and I had a wonderful time.

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