Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our First Lehigh Valley Mini Maker Faire

On Saturday April 26,2014 my family attended the 1st Lehigh Valley Mini Maker Faire. We had to take our little Princess to Graphic Design class first. It was the last day for the Spring section. My husband and I stop at the Rose Garden to look for a flower tree that I love to take photo off. I took some photos and while we were there we saw a group of people doing Tai Chi. It was cool how at the end they made a circle and lock arm in arm. We then went to pick up our daughter at 12:00p.m I was happy to hear that the teacher will put all her work on a disk and mail it to her:)We stop at Little Caesars for a large peperoni Pizza and we bought sodas at the Dollar store. Then we headed to Bethlehem PA to attend the 1st Lehigh Valley Mini Maker Faire. We sign in and got our wrist band and I also sign that it was ok for my daughter to do the activities. The first place we headed to was the painting section. Roey's paint box showed the children how to paint with acrylic paint on canvases. My little Princess painted a Cherry Blossom for me. Then She made a cast of her hand. Both gift will be treasure for ever. The best gift are my daughter homemade gift. She also got to make Japanese Style Manga Paper doll from Akiko Inoue she is a Manga artist from Japan. I spend some time talking to her She is a very lovely lady and a awesome artist. She also sat on a large canoe outside that it had a string instrument inside that the children played. I called this 1st Lehigh Valley Mini Maker Faire a Success! My family always support our local events.The fireworks that I saw from my window during the night. A Beautiful way to end our night.

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