Monday, March 17, 2014

Family Date Night 3.16.2014

On Sunday we went to church service from 10:30A.M to 11:30A.M. Then we went to the Hibachi Grill to celebrate our family. There were not that many people there when we arrive. We were taken to our table by our waitress. I order a sprite for our little Princess and 2 waters for my husband and I. Then we got up, got our plate and chose the food we wanted to eat. On my first plate I took some fried rice, chicken on a stick, fried chicken, ribs and fried sweet bananas. Then the second time I had the chef prepared a steak well done with white rice and soy sauce, broccoli, onions, green peppers and green beans. I also put some Tsao Chicken on the side. For dessert I had Strawberry cake and cookies and cream ice cream. We enjoyed our food and our company. We also saw my little Princess godmother, daughter and husband and we also saw another friend that we have not seen for quite a while. Is like God made use choose this restaurant to reconnect us with people that we have not seen in a while. Thank You God

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