Monday, February 17, 2014

We went to Dennys this morning

Today we finally went outside after all the snow we got. We decided to go to the bank and to our amazement Wells Fargo was open today. I thought they were close due to President Day but they were open. Then we went to Denny's to eat breakfast. It seems that a lot of family were thinking the same thing it was pack. We waited patiently and I said to my daughter 'The waiting is going to make us more hungry":)The lady in the front of me smile. I said "We need to think positive instead of getting upset". We were seated by a booth that my husband like. My husband order the Lumber Jack breakfast, My little Princess order chicken nuggets with fries and a Sherley temple(Sprite) I order a cinnamon pancake that was Delicious. I share it with my husband and my little Princess. We also inspected the car and did some grocery shopping to get ready for tomorrow snow. So far This winter 2013-2014 according to Dean Iovino meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Mount Holly N.J in December my city got 13.7 inches of snow Lowest temperature 9 on December 17, 2013. On January we got 16.5 inches of snow the Lowest Temperature -4 on January 4, 2014. February we got 35.2 inches of snow the Lowest temperature -4 on February 12, 2014. A total of 65.4 inches of snow as of February 16,2014. We are in the number 4 the snowiest winter. Tomorrow we are getting more snow so we may climb into the 3rd place.

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