Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines day to My sweetheart(Hubby) and our Little Princess 2.14.2014

Happy Valentines Day to My Sweetheart of 18 years and to Our Little Princess 2.14.2014 There is a winter wonderland outside our house. last night we receive 6 inches of snow on top of the 7 inches we had from the previous week. That is a total of 13 inches. The now is almost reaching my living room window. No school for my little Princess on Thursday and today. Tonight we are expecting 1-3 inches of snow. Today we are doing Valentine crafts and enjoying the day. Tomorrow my little Princess won't be going to Arts School so we are going to play in snow. Make snow Angel, Snowman Family and Sledding. Then coming inside to drink some hot cocoa with marshmallows and 3 Leches birthday cake. Our Valentine Dinner Reservation for 2 at my restaurant. The only safe way to celebrate Valentine Day this year. On the menu: Kansas City BBQ Ribs, Red potato Salad. Salad: Lettuce, Red Romaine, Tango Lettuce, Radicchio, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, baby Spinach, Choy and Arugula. Dessert: Fruit Salad: Mango, Strawberries, Pineapple, Mango, Peaches and grapes. Drink: Strawberry white Zinfandel. Our Winter Season December 21, 2013 to February 14,2014. Total 62.9 inches of snow.

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