Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas

We visited my aunt in Highs town New Jersey. My brother has not seen my aunt in 26 years and we took him to see her and her husband. My sister , little Princess and husband also came in the car to visit my aunt.I remember the way from PA to her home in Highs Town. My aunt said " God gave us this beautiful day to see each other again". We had a great time. My little Princess complimented my aunt my mom younger sister. She said "I love your house" My husband said " I can see why you love to decorate you take after your Titi". Her house is Gorgeous, Clean and decorated with Christmas decorations outside and inside the house. She has a beautiful Christmas village that I will post in this post. Her kitchen was renovated and the man who did the work did a great job. Marvel countertops, beautiful granite floors. We ate Spanish rice. She made her homemade sofrito to put inside the rice. She bought roasted chicken and ribs from a restaurant in Highs town New Jersey. She told me that is the best place to buy chicken and ribs. We love it! My little Princess felt sleep in the car coming back from New Jersey to our home in PA. On Christmas Eve we went to our friend house. They prepare a feast for us. She made Arroz con Gandules, Roasted Chicken, Pork Chop Stew, Pasteles, Potatoes Salad, Salad: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Avocado. They have a daughter who is 9 and is in the same grade and school as my little Princess. We ate the food and then her daughter brought out the saxophone and play the Pink Panther theme song while my daughter conducted her and dance in the living room, We were delighted by both performance and cheer them on and smile for the great job they did. We were there from 6 P.M until 10P.M. When we came out to our car the window had frost and a bit of ice on it. He scrape it and we were on our way home. At night time on Christmas Eve my little Princess set out a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. She place green and white decoration on it. I said to my little Princess why don't you put gingerbread cookies on the plate too". She said" Mami I want to give him this cupcake I made this year".Santa told me it was delicious! Santa place all the Christmas presents under the tree ate his cupcake and white milk and left my house to visit other boys and girls. One of the things I love to do every night is sit down on my sofa and look at our shiny tree: Our house looks beautiful decorated outside and inside. Christmas morning my little Princess woke up and I video tape her as She came down the steps. When She saw the presents She was surprise and happy. She receive 8 Monster High dolls from Santa. A Scaris Café, Monster High DVD, A DSi Monster house game.$25.00 from my aunt. The big surprise and the biggest gift under the tree a Yamaha Piano from Mami and Daddy.She thought it was a Monster High doll house. I said "It is better than that" She said " You are the Best parents in the world" She had a smile on her face and hug us both. She receive 2 dolls from her uncle my brother. We stay home playing with all her toys. I receive Santa Claus socks to keep my feet warm in the house. The Ninja System that I am able to cook in the stovetop, oven, buffet, oven. The color is cinnamon. I love to cook and bake so I am very happy they bought me this gift. My husband receive a red rocker/recliner from my little Princess and me. He also receive clothes from us. A 4.2 FL OZ Polo Black from Ralph Lauren from my aunt. Love the smell of this cologne. We are Happy with everything we receive. For dessert we had a Yule Log filled with hazelnut cream and custard. The symbol of the Yule Log for Christians the symbolism of the yule log was that it represented the need to keep the stable warm for the infant Jesus. On December 26 we went to the YMCA to take Zumba. Then we went to our friends house to take the present to their daughter. She love her Monster High doll. My daughter receive another doll from her BFF and a home made crotchet hat from a coworker of her mom. I also took 3 cupcakes for them to eat.

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