Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Celebration 12/20/2013

On Friday we took our little Princess to school then we went to Jcpenney. My sister send me some Christmas money and I went to buy clothes for me. My husband is always patient when it come to going shopping with me. He sat on the chair by the dressing room and help me unzip and zip out of my dresses :)I chose a pretty gold and white sparkly top for New Years and pretty dress I am going to wear in January for our family professional photos. New Year new family photos to keep motivating us to continue on our healthy eating and weight loss. I went and grab another dress with a prize tag on it and told the cashier that the dress that I brought her the dress with the tag because my did not have it on. The other cashier said : You must have taken the cashier training" I smile I said "no I just did not want to give you more work and I did not want to wait. I have a lot of things to do today". She said for been so helpful She gave me a 25% off. I also had a coupon for $10.00 off if I spend $25.00. Save a lot on this 2 items felt Happy. Then I went to Party City and bought the supplies for our New Years Eve celebration at home. I bought Korbel Champagne and the decorations we are going to Party! Then we went to our community office to help set up for our community Christmas party. We set up the tables and chairs. I help cut a ham to be serve at the party. I work from 1 to 3P.M. Then my husband pick me up on his way off picking our little Princess at school. Her Christmas vacation started Yippy! We home to get ready and at 5:30P.M we were at the party. I got complements right away on how I look all dress up:) I sat in the greeters table to welcome the guest and have everyone sign in. I gave the children a bag of gift and the family a gift bag too with a Christmas CD. We had a live Christmas band playing for us during the celebration. A pastor who live where I live showed a movie about the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. There were also 3 gift cards from Target worth $25.00 each. I won for the Best decorated house. The other 2 were raffles to a lady and a boy.Everything look beautiful and everyone had a joyous time.

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