Saturday, August 17, 2013

Celebrating Musikfest with Salsa Music and Fireworks to End the Music Festival

I had such a awesome night on the last day of Musikfest with my family and friends. Luisito Rosario brought the house down. When you hear him sing you get up and dance. Before he hit the stage 2 other dance group were on the stage. One group of dancer was from Hala dance studio. They dance hip hop, Salsa. They invited the children from the audience on stage. One of my little Princess friend went up and he learn to dance Bachata. He did a great job not embarrass at all. Then a group of dancer from Reading came on stage and did Bomba and Plena from Puerto Rico and Salsa. Then one of the male dancer ask children and adult to come on stage. My brother wanted to go up with me and I went along:) This is the 1ast time in my life that I go on stage to dance. I have been on stage to receive awards from school and college. I had a grin always on my face that you can see the happiness I was feeling but I was nervous. This time I said "the Heck with fear let me get up and dance on the stage!":). The male dancer show us some step and we did it. People applauded. Then I saw a friend of ours making sure the piano was working properly. He is also a musician and my husband and I went to said hello. He said "I saw you on stage what were you doing up there you know how to dance Salsa. That is for people who do not know how to dance". I said "my brother wanted to go u and I comply". Then Luisito Rosario hit the stage and from the moment he sang I was up on the dance floor dancing. I took some photos and video tape one of his songs. He did a rendition of Franky Ruiz "La Cura That is the only time I took a break from dancing. Then the fireworks came on. Awesome night. Luisito Rosario has made 3 CD so far. Go out and by it. I have the whole collection.

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