Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We had our family Easter egg hunt on Saturday 3.30.2013 because on Sunday it was going to rain. We could not have ask for a more perfect day! It was in the 60F , blue sky with white clouds. My husband, and I hide the eggs in the Rose Garden. This is the park that we do the Easter egg hunt with her. She love running around looking for the eggs. I video tape her as She search high and low. She found all her egg except for one that I hide so well that we could not find it LOL.She loves all the Hershey Kisses and milk chocolate M&M in her Easter eggs. She also got a milk chocolate bunny. Then I took some photos of my little Princess and Daddy. There is a lake in the middle of the park, and in the middle it has square rocks that if you walk on it , it takes you to the other side of the park. My little Princess wanted to cross it, and my husband held her hand and together they walk across. Before they reach the other side I told them to stop and I took a photo. At the same time a couple in their 40's stop and the man said, "That is a beautiful photo it looks like a postcard" You should send it like that. I smile so did my husband and my little Princess. We all told him Thank You! At night after I read my daughter a bed time story. I ask her how She felt when the couple stop to look at her while I took her photo with Daddy? She said, "I felt like a movie star". On Sunday Easter day we went to our church for our annual breakfast at 9:00a.m. On the menu this year we had a egg frittata. Made with eggs, tomatoes, chicken sausage and cheese and the crust was crescent roll. It was bake in the oven. We had fruits cocktail made out of apples, strawberry, kiwi, red grapes and green grapes. There was also muffins: blueberry, corn, coffee cake, nut muffin. I love the coffee cake but only ate half to big. My husband ate a whole one and told me he was full. We had orange juice. Great satisfying breakfast. Then we had Easter service at 10:00a.m. My little Princess sang with the other Sunday school children. I video tape her. She looks so Beautiful wearing her Spring dress. For lunch I took my little Princess to McDonald She wanted a chicken hamburger no mayo no lettuce. Small fries and a Berry cooler. Then we came home and spend time with each other playing the Wii and talking. My husband and I made our traditional meal. Pernil and Arroz con Gandules con Jamon. Pork and chick pea rice with ham. It was Delicious. We kept saying MMMM Que Rico! MMMM Delicious! We did get the rain.Thank God we did the Easter egg hunt the day before. We spend the day happy and cozy in our house. Feeling Bless! Thank You God for everything you gives us every day!

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