Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick Day

I made 36 cupcake for the afternoon program were I volunteer every Thursday from 2:40P.M to 5:00P.M. We provide help with homework,Art, Science, Cooking,Games and Sewing with real sewing machine. There are 30 wonderful children in the program. I volunteer to make the St Patrick day cupcake for them. The children were also celebrating green day at school by wearing green clothes. As they arrive at the church they had for snack green grapes, green apples, green juice and the St Patricks day cupcake I made. Words like "Delicious, Yummy and The Best Cupcake Ever" were said by the children and staff.The best Part for me was seen them all Happy and smiling!I made the cupcake vanilla rainbow with cram cheese frosting tinted green. I bake them on gold cupcake wrapper and put Shamrock/ green sprinkles.I also made the cupcake topper. They were free download from how does she. I felt so Happy that everyone enjoy it and gave me wonderful feedbacks

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  1. All the children in the after school program love it!