Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Apple Cupcake to Celebrate my daughter starting First Grade

On September 2 my daughter had orientation were she got to meet all her teachers. We also took a school tour. She ask her teacher if they had Art and music? Her teacher said "Yes" and she show her the rooms. My daughter who is smart said "mommy I like this new school it is like my old school only bigger":)
I took a photo in her classroom she is sitting at her desk so Precious. I also took one in the hallway and the Principal came over and ask me if I wanted him to take one of us? I told him "Yes" then I ask him if I can take one of him and my daughter and he said "Yes". He has the biggest smile in the photo.

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  1. Love how are little apples to celebrate 1st grade turn out. Very Tasty!