Thursday, December 18, 2008

Enjoying our Christmas

December 11,2008 my little Princess class celebrated "Gingerbread House Day". The parents were invited. I went in the morning and had sooo much fun putting the Gingerbread House together with my daughter. She love the vanilla frosting. She took candy(candy cane,gummy bears,mints candy) put some frosting on it and ate it. I told her not to eat too much or she would get a tummy ache. I came home and took some photos to remember the Gingerbread House. I wanted us to enjoy the moment at school without stopping to take photos. I waited until we got home, and then I took some photos of my relax and happy daughter:) She did also eat her lunch and dinner. No tummy aches :)

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  1. Today my Precious little Princess was looking at this photos and reading my post. She smile and said I love looking at them and that you came to spend the day with me) Priceless! She was only 4 here and in Pre school.